Dangerously in Love

6 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
The story is about an extraordinary love between a man forced to commit a crime in order to prove his father’s innocence and a police officer who is chasing him. These two who have run away from love all their lives, are now experiencing an impossible romance. And soon they will find out love is akin to hate.

Cihangir loses his father, who’s a cop in an undercover assignment in the East, at the age of 17. When it is revealed that his father is actually a dirty cop who works for the drug mafia, Cihangir’s world comes crashing down. It turns out his innocent father actually fell victim to a conspiracy and the only thing that could clear his name is kept in a bank safe deposit box. Cihangir decides to rob the bank with his friends. Things get ugly during the robbery and Cihangir’s buddy Tatar has to kill someone although they agreed that nobody should be harmed. The victim Ali is a close friend of Seliha, who is a courageous police officer in the robbery division. Therefore Seliha intends to follow this case.

Having left her home at the age of 15, Seliha has had a hard life, and she doesn’t believe in love at all, until she meets Cihangir. Seliha is a cop chasing a notorious gang and Cihangir is the leader of that gang. At first they get to know each other under different identities. When Seliha locates the gang’s whereabouts, she moves to the neighborhood where Cihangir lives and hides her true identity. Cihangir appears to be an ordinary guy living in the neighborhood, the owner of a flower shop.

Seliha falls in love with the florist Cihangir while closing in on Cihangir whose real identity she doesn’t know. And as Cihangir falls in love with Seliha, who has recently moved to their neighborhood, he gets closer to the daredevil cop Seliha. When they find out the truth both are already in love. These two who have run away from love all their lives are now immersed in an impossible romance. After a while, they find out that they have the same enemy and that they are actually on the same side. Nothing is as it seems.