Drama Series
Season 1 : 70 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 54 X 1 Commercial Hour
Star TV, Show TV / HD
Weekly, Primetime
Dila's husband, Ihsan Barazoglu's, father, Seyit Barazoglu, and his rival, Rıza Selamoglu, get into a dangerous conflict due to the purchase of very valuable land. The tension between them rises and finally Riza kills Ihsan. Dila swears to avenge the death of her husband; one way or another she will end Riza's life. As if destiny, one day she meets Riza; however, she doesn't actually know that it is the man that she is looking for. This young woman and man fall passionately in love with each other. As Dila finally finds out that Riza is the killer of her husband, she is stuck into a dilemma: will she break the oath she took or will she forget the past and live with the man she loves? Will love prevail over hatred, pride and traditions?