Factual Reality

The Villa: Battle Of The Couples
They are 8 famous couples, some have been together for years and others have just fallen in love. They all have one thing in common: They are convinced of being made for each other and that their love is indestructible...
The Rich Poor
Successful business men/business women become participants in an unusual and complex experiment - they will be deprived of their money, gadgets, guards, assistants and expensive cars for exactly two days in an unfamiliar city with a single task...
The Inheritors
“The Inheritors” is a social reality experiment program where the children of the richest start out seeing an entirely new world to them. They are born into luxury and comfort, without ever having any limitations in their finances...
Runaway Women
Eleven families and one town, an ordinary, typical town just like many others but this town is about to undergo a major change, thanks to our social experiment!
Happily Ever After
All happy relations start with butterflies in the stomach: going to exciting dates at romantic places, fine dining at beautiful restaurants, the fun of sharing a popcorn watching the latest movie at the cinema…
Kids Cook the Funniest Things!
‘Kids Cook The Funniest Things!’ is a hilarious entertainment format that will appeal to adults and children alike as the kids take control and they have their fantasy foods made in front of their eyes! For the viewers watching at home – the foods will be awe- inspiring and unbelievable!
Home Therapy
Can you save your relationship by renovating your home together?
The Doors
Sometimes, if you open enough doors, you find the answers you’ve been searching for. In this show, we open doors to investigate real-life murder cases...
Thank You
“Thank You” is a factual entertainment program that gives the famous people a chance to have a glance back to their past to remember and express their gratitude to a person who helped them to be the great success they are today!