Glass Mask

19 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV
Fate brings together two sisters who share a tragic start to their lives under one household.

Ezgi and Deniz grew up believing they were fraternal twins and Nermin was their mom and Selim was their dad. Ezgi has always been jealous of Deniz and kept trying to give her a hard time. Deniz is very tolerant though and loves her sister very much, no matter what.

Ezgi is deeply in love with Deniz’s boyfriend Emre and wouldn't hesitate to ruin her sister’s life for the sake of this love. Ezgi eventually manages to seduce Emre, while they were on a business trip and makes sure that Deniz finds that affair out. Afterwards, as a result of the unpleasent incidents, the two sisters start to have an argument on the very edge of a cliff where Deniz falls off in the middle of their argument. Ezgi doesn't try to save her sister, while their dad Selim is witnessing the whole thing. Everyone thinks Deniz is dead. After a short period of mourning, they all somehow move on with their life.

However, Deniz survived the accident and is truly shocked to bitterly find out that her life is just one big lie. When Deniz learns the truth behind her birth and about her real parents, she is deeply consumed with anger and need of vengeance upon her father, who was unmeritedly accused of murder.

Will seeking redemption bring the much-needed closure to her life or will her quest end up as another tragedy?