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Gulperi is the story of a woman who has been treated unjustly all her life just because she is a woman.

Gulperi had to give up on her dreams because of her father’s oppression. She had to let go of her first true love Kadir and give up on college education to become a teacher…Eyup, her husband, falls in love with Gulperi at first sight, and makes her believe in this love, too.

Eyup’s family sees Gulperi as a bad surprise and never approves of her as their bride. Gulperi and Eyup have three beautiful children. They lead a happy life until the day they receive the news that Eyup has died in Syria on a business trip. They cannot even find his body. From that moment on, Gulperi’s life will become extremely difficult asEyup’s family pressures Gulperi and her children to live in the mansion with them.

Eyup’s brother Ejder has had a crush on Gulperi since the first day they met and one day when they are alone in the house, he tries to rape her. While trying to stop him, Gulperi  injures Ejder with the scissors she grabs. Ejder’s injury leaves him with one kidney while Gulperi gets sentenced to 1,5 years in prison. Her father-in law Yakup is granted temporary custody of the children. The children are told that their mother is the one to blame since she was the one trying to seduce Ejder.

When Gulperi completes her sentence in prison, she goes back to the mansion to get her children back, but her husband’s brutal family does not let her and they send her off to Istanbul. She works two jobs there as a superintendent at an apartment building, and  as a seamstress at a fashion house. She tries to save money in order to find herself a lawyer, who happens to be Kadir, the first man she ever loved. With Kadir’s help, she wins the custody trial and takes her children from the mansion to Istanbul  to live with her. The children react fiercely to the poor life their mother leads in Istanbul.

Gulperi’s biggest challenge will be to win back her children’s love, help them adapt to her life and provide for them. What she doesn’t take into consideration is the fact that her love for Kadir, which she thought was over, will resurface. Just when she starts feeling hopeful that she is on the right path to regain her children’s trust, their rekindled love will jeopardize her hopes and force the two camps into a fiercer battle.

In the meantime, while Yakup pursues every means to remove Kadir completely out of the picture, he will fight with Gulperi to prevent her from taking his grandchildren away.