I Wanna Marry You

Wedding Reality
Daily Strip + Weekly Prime Time Eliminations
This lively reality show program has competitors individually participate for the chance to get married. 7 young ladies and 7 young men begin the 20 week competition, shot as a daily strip with a weekly PT elimination show. After short introductions, for 12 hours the candidates will live their normal lives, and for the other 12 hours, they will be in the studio. The set is designed as two separate houses. Different competitions will have the contestants showing off their skills and abilities, and the winners will get to spend extra time with the opposite sex. There will be a lot of in-studio discussion and the general public is encouraged to phone in and comment. Every week, the best bride and best groom candidates are announced, selected by audience votes. The others will face an open elimination event. New candidates are brought in to replace anyone who leaves. Points and SMS votes accumulate, and after 20 weeks the best female and male candidates are announced. The finalists will win a big cash prize, but the main decision is whether to marry someone else in the competition or not. If they decide to go through with it, they can win a dream wedding along with a bigger cash prize.