Looking for My Mother

Daily, Daytime
Each episode includes breathtaking and thrilling developments. Children of the past, who are now adults, apply to the program to find their biological mothers after realizing that the woman they knew as their mother for so long is in fact not their biological mother... The incredible life stories and secrets of people who’d like to find out who their biological parents are revealed.

In the studio five sons/daughters looking for their biological mothers and tens of families looking for their lost or missing children will be present. The families in the studio will ask for a DNA test to one of the sons/ daughters who they believe might be their child.

During the live broadcast show, everyone tells what they know: the mother who raised the child, the relatives, the neighbors and even the doctors and nurses who worked at the hospital at the time of the child’s birth. What had happened in the hospital? Why was a new born baby adopted by another family through illegal procedures?

Three experts including a private detective, a psychologist and a lawyer will speak with the families and the children in the show. They will guide them and also guide the audience with their comments.

The show will also track the lives of both parties after the DNA test results. Audience will be able to see how after 30 or even 40 years a child reunites with his/her biological mother in a wave of excitement. Heartwarming and fascinating stories will be revealed...