Marriage Life Experiment

Wedding Reality
Weekly, Prime Time
Reality entertainment at its best – the universal subject of marriage and finding “the one” is being presented in “Marriage Life Experiment”, giving the power to choose to the prospective bride.

She has a hard task at hand: she must try to analyze the lives of her two suitors as well as their families – and she has just met them! She will live with each of them for 3 nights and 4 days to see if this is the life that she dreams of leading.

The time the bride-to-be spends at the house of the suitor with him and his family is the crucial part of the program. Can true love be found over such a short time? Will she be able to make the right decision at the end? This unique experience is recorded at every step and the viewers also have the chance to observe and share all the emotional, fun and exciting moments along with the couple.

At the final stage in the studio, the grooms propose to her with beautiful flower bouquets in their hands, waiting anxiously to hear her decision. The bride-to-be takes one of the bouquets, and accepts the proposal of the one to whom her heart belongs to.