My Soul Mate

Dating Show
Daily / Weekly, Access Prime Time
“My Soul Mate” is a dating show for the internet era. The candidates can apply online to be either a host or a guest and for each show one host / hostess and 3 guests are chosen. The host and the guests are matched in 10 different categories, such as characteristics, hobbies and interests, and must also go through an interview process. The three selected guests will then prepare to meet their host for the evening. First, they will be presented with six different categories: Home, Appearance, Drink, Menu, Music, Film. The guests are shown three different photos for each categories, and must give their best guess about how the date will go. The date takes place at the host’s home. Once they meet, the guests will see if they guessed correctly about the host's home and appearance. Next up is the choice of drinks served, and then the menu and music that the host chose. Talk will flow, flirtations emerge, maybe even fights take place. The guest with the best guesses overall will get to watch the film with the host and they will share the cash prize together. With such compatibility in the air, maybe they will become Soul Mates?