The Parent Trap


Parent Trap” is a dating show where teenagers with single parents have a challenging mission: matching their parent with an ideal partner. To remedy the loneliness of their single parents, the kids decide that it is now time for them to date someone! What to do then?

Their first task is to make a video where the parent introduces himself/herself. This video will then be posted on a special application, (the “Parent trApp”) where kids match their parents with suitors. These videos will be part of a database that will make the perfect match. In the meanwhile, we will hear the stories of the single parents: their relationships, why they are single parents, their desires, their achievements, their past and their objective for the future. We will see them in their homes, and get to know their lives and their emotions.

As soon as the application finds their perfect match, the kids start working on their second task:  to organize a blind date in a pub, café or a bar. They will invite their parents to have a drink together. Their parents are not alone in this blind date: the kids will give them a little earphone to wear during the date, so that they can listen how it is going and give them tips, suggestions and real time advices.