Restless Wind

Season 1: 19 X 1 Commercial Hour
The tragic story of the ones who bite the star dust, and pay the highest price for fame, even if it leads to their demise…

Melike and Gokce are the protagonists of this sad story. They both wished to be a star once. Melike has already paid the highest price in order to climb the ladder of fame; 30 years ago, she became a star during the 70s and 80s, when she was the main singer at a famous music hall. Today, she is cleaning toilets in a night club.

Gokce is now chasing her dream to become a star: she is young, beautiful, restless and ambitious. In fact, Melike and Gokce’s destinies follow the same path – Melike rebelled against her father in the 70s to become a singer, and today Gokce has just moved out of her family house with a small backpack on her shoulder, to pursue her dream. These two lives are just like pieces of the same puzzle; their two different periods of time are reflected in a parallel order on the screen.

In one of the busy Saturday nights at the club, Melike and Gokce meet each other. Gokce finds out about Melike’s past life, and meets her foster-son Tunahan who is a street musician. They build a friendship that at times is close to love. They have mixed feelings for each other.

Gokce also meets Ugur, the son that Melike had to leave behind as a baby. Ugur’s heart is full of hatred against his mother; in fact he was the one who lead Melike into her current situation, ruining her career. He is a famous club owner, and within the shady ideas of his twisted mind, he keeps his mother and all related to her close to him. He now has his eyes set on Gokce. He thinks that the only reason why Melike is trying to help Gokce is to soothe her conscience, and a cruel woman like her, who quit on her own child has no right to feel good in her life, ever. He plays Gokce cunningly, appealing to all her weak points – hires her as the main singer in his club, introduces her to the regulars there who are all older men with money who have a taste for young women. His plan is to ruin her too, but things do not go as he anticipated: he falls in love with Gokce deeply. At this point, his struggle is with himself and no longer with Melike.