The Oath

Season 1: 35 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 115 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 3: Ongoing Production
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV
Stories of 12 soldiers in a special task force, interwoven with love, friendship, devotion and patriotism.

Lieutenant Yavuz who is a Task Force Commander working for Special Forces loses his long-term girlfriend Merve in a fatal terrorist attack at a shopping mall in Istanbul.

Meanwhile, Yavuz’s commander Lieutenant Colonel Erdem’s daughter is kidnapped somewhere near the Syrian border by the same terrorist group that organized the mall attack. Yavuz tracks down the kidnappers and rescues the girl. He also avenges his fiancée.

After the operation, Yavuz, is put in charge of a 12-person task force, with a special mission - to find Colak, the leader of the terrorist group, and take him out.

These 12 soldiers, different from each other in many ways, are brought together to fight for a common cause at the cost of their lives. Meanwhile, Doctor Bahar, who witnessed Merve’s death, has left her luxury life-style in Istanbul to move to the region. She feels ready to heal Yavuz’s wounds. However, for Yavuz, the love chapter of his life has already ended. Over time, the young soldier and the doctor will overcome many difficulties together and a new story will begin between the two.

The 12 soldiers in the task force, bonded together with comradeship and devotion, successfully perform their duty.

However, when Yavuz finds out that his father, whom he thought had died 3 years ago, is still alive and captured by the terrorist group, everything changes.