Accidental Chef

Cooking - Game Show
Daily, Daytime

The Accidental Chef is a unique on-location game show that takes place in a real restaurant, where a guest or a group of restaurant guests are spontaneously challenged to “replace the chef”  and prepare the dishes that the other guests ordered all without a recipe or preparation instructions, using only a photo of the final dish and the necessary ingredients. By return, the restaurant will offer them the bill of their table!

Every episode takes place at a different chef’s restaurant and tells the chef’s story. The show host picks a random contestant out of the restaurant’s guests. The contestant and host then go to the kitchen where the challenge and rules of the game are explained.

The waiter takes the order from the table and brings it to the kitchen: only the course’s name, final photo, and list of ingredients are shown to the contestant. From the moment the order goes through, the contestant must prepare and send out a dish, in a limited time. Once the food is ready, it is served to the table and has to be approved by the restaurant guest. For each successfully prepared dish, they will earn a cash prize!