All is Mine

Game Show
Weekly, Prime Time

Four couples face a tough test of their knowledge and composure in the fun game show “All is Mine”, with contestants facing hilarious punishments if they slip up and big cash prizes for correct answers in a series of challenging games.

Four couples face a challenging test of their knowledge and composure in the game show “All is Mine”. Amusing punishments await couples that answer incorrectly, with the contestants in each game determined by  a money-spinning “Guess What!” round.

In the first game,  contestants must cut one of five colored cables matching the right answer to a multiple-choice question, winning 3,000 USD for five correct responses. Adding to the pressure, their partner faces a cannon that fires flour-filled balls at their face after each wrong answer.

The goal in the “Lucky Wheel” game is to answer questions correctly to win balls which are thrown at a wheel divided into cash prize sections. They win the money in the segment they hit. But if they strike one of two “bankruptcy” sections, they lose the money  and a bucket of flour suspended over their partner is emptied over their head!

In the “Slippery Numbers” game contestants can win up to 3,000 USD but three wrong answers will result in their partner tumbling into a pool of water! Those who make it to the final must answer eight questions correctly to win a 10,000 USD prize in a show which is as fun for viewers as it is for contestants.