Beat Me If You Can

Singing Game Show
Weekly, Prime Time

“Beat Me If You Can” is a captivating singing contest packed with amazing talent and showstopping performances by 10 contestants performing solo and in duets for two celebrity singer jurors. Hidden away in brightly lit cabinets, they anxiously wait to discover which song they’ll be asked to sing out of 10 they’ve learned.

When a juror selects the first cabinet a singer emerges and starts to sing their heart out. As they perform the other juror selects a second singer to come out and continue the same song. The performance finishes with the two contestants duetting in front of the studio audience and the jury members.

Tension builds as the audience chooses the winner of their singing battle and eliminates the loser. Jurors are excited too, winning points each time their singer wins and choosing the next performer. Each week’s winner goes into the grand finale and the winning jury member saves two singers to compete the next week.

The ten weekly winners then return for a scintillating final showdown in the 11th week. Now more confident and experienced, the contestants passionately compete to take away the  grand prize and the thrilling opportunity to be the backup singer for the winning juror.