Between Us

Original Title
Aramızda Kalsın
Season 1 : 52 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 52 Episodes x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

It will help her get on her feet, if she is ever in trouble

Beautiful Yadigar goes in search of an inheritance in Istanbul while Civan is sucked into running his sister’s restaurant, as they converge on Istanbul in an adventure promising fun and romance.

The beautiful young housewife Yadigar learns of a mysterious inheritance waiting for her in Istanbul. The grandmother who raised her has died and Yadigar is now a mother, struggling to bring up her two children in southeast Turkey’s Gaziantep. She realizes an inheritance now could transform their lives.

Yadigar decides to make a fresh start comes when she discovers her husband has been cheating on her. Firstly, she decides to move to her father’s house but he orders her to return to her husband after just one night. After a blazing row with her husband she knows there is no way back.

That night as she wonders what to do, she finds a letter that her mother wrote to a friend. In the letter her mother mentions leaving something for her daughter that will help her get through tough days. Yadigar immediately decides to leave for Istanbul to find out what the inheritance is.  

Yadigar’s inheritance was left in Istanbul with her relative Hüsne. Her only concern with her husband Bahattin Celepoğlu is to save their restaurant, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. Hüsne’s only hope is her brother Civan, who went to Italy years ago and became a chef.

Hüsne believes Civan’s arrival in Istanbul will save the restaurant. But Civan is completely unaware of her plans, having only come for two weeks for a job as a wedding chef. To his surprise he will be asked to take over the restaurant, which is in a calamitous situation after Bahattin fired all his employees.

The arrival of Yadigar and Civan in Istanbul brings chaos. Yadigar struggles to find the family as she loses their address and Hüsne won’t answer her phone calls. Then Yadigar’s son Yunus gets lost and when he is found by Civan and they end up at the same police station, she believes her son was kidnapped.

For the crazy but warm-hearted Celepoğlu family, Civan is a source of hope for the restaurant. Meanwhile, Yadigar is a source of fear as she comes for her inheritance. Their meeting comes one evening at the family house as they gather for dinner and hear Civan’s story of what happened that day.

As they listen, the doorbell rings. When they open the door, their worst fears are realized and they are shocked to see Yadigar in front of them.

For Yadigar it is a fresh beginning as she properly meets Civan for the first time. Noticing how handsome and charming he is, she suddenly feels Istanbul is a much more appealing place. As she adjusts to life with the Celepoğlu family she will discover whether it will lead to a fairy-tale ending or whether she will leave empty handed.