18 Jul 2023

Hit rom-com “Bitter Sweet” is building on its international success, having been sold to 70 countries. Audiences remain fascinated by award-winning actors Can Yaman & Ozge Gurel and the tale of new chef Nazlı, who finds work with the businessman Ferit and sets herself on a path to fulfill her dream of opening a restaurant and finding love.

“Bitter Sweet” is produced by No 9 Productions, has 81 commercial hours, and has been aired successfully on Star TV with strong ratings. The series has often doubled its channel average.

Ozge Gurel from “Cherry Season” and Can Yaman from ”Daydreamer” are the drama’s leading cast members. The talented actors also starred together in “Mr. Wrong”.

Global Agency announces that there are ongoing negotiations for the rom-com in several territories and looks forward to seeing “Bitter Sweet” added to the international programming of many more channels worldwide.

Izzet PINTO, Founder & CEO of Global Agency, said: “We’re so pleased to announce that the deals for “Bitter Sweet” have reached 70 countries. It is a big success. It has also achieved massive ratings in all the territories where it has aired.