Trailer (Spain)

Blind Taste

Cooking Format
4 contestants, 1 celebrity host
Daily Strip, Access

“Blind Taste” is a fun cooking show testing not only the four contestants’ culinary abilities but also their taste buds, with often humorous consequences. Guided by a charismatic celebrity chef, they prepare the same recipe before sampling and grading the dishes. But there is a twist - they taste the food blindfolded!

Donning brightly colored aprons and gathered around a central work station, the players listen to the chef explain how to prepare the dish. Over the five daily shows, the viewers get to know the contestants and hear their opinions about each other while the chief comments throughout on their efforts.

When the cooking is over, the four contestants gather in the tasting room to sample the four dishes. In the ultimate test, they taste the dishes and grade them each out of five. Unaware of who cooked which dish, the contestant could well give the lowest score to their own food!

In the moment of truth they remove the blindfold to reveal whose dishes they loved or hated, before the chef too awards points and makes comments. Each day of the week, the contestants face a new culinary challenge and focus on their ultimate goal – getting the highest score and taking away the grand prize.