Blind Taste Junior

Cooking Show
Daily, Access Prime Time
Let the pizza dough replace the Play-doh! Let the oranges and tomatoes do it’s magic for the kids! Now, it’s time for the children to compete in the fairest competition of the world!

In each episode, 4 children take over the kitchen to show their skills. A chef picks a new recipe for each day and informs the junior cooks with all the details. Our young contestants prepare the recipe of the day using their impressive skills.

In this competition taste comes first! Each contestant has to cook the same dish with using the same ingredients. They can decorate their dish as they like, but the chef won’t be fooled by the looks!

In Blind Taste Junior, the fairest competition of the world, emotions cannot be involved in the decision making and the taste is the only thing that counts. After the cooking time is up, it is judgement time! Time to taste and to grade.

Each contestant grades all 4 plates blindfolded and gives a point from 1 to 10. Their competitors watch this process together from another room, live. In the final, the chef also tastes each dish and grades them without knowing who cooked them! At the end of the day, only one competitor gets the highest point but all the junior cooks go home happy. Each child gets a present end of the show.

Blind Taste Junior is a friendly competition for kids. Here they will have time to have fun and to show their best skills!