Bring Your Fame Back

Singing Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time
Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite singer who was so famous and then just disappeared? Where are they now? And what would happen if we gave them another chance to Bring Their Fame Back?

In each episode, eight former, forgotten pop-stars get a second chance at fame. They will each perform one song on the stage and they will vote each other.

The jury of the show consists of two music experts; one performing the role of the angel/good cop and the other the role of the devil/bad cop. After each performance, the "kind" jury member comments on contestant's performance in a good way and the tough jury member will critise the contestant sharply. They play the mentor roles in the show. After the jury comments each performance, the other contestants vote. The points given are added to each contestant's position to reach the full ranking of points.

At the end of each episode, four contestants who got the lowest number of votes are presented to the studio audience, who will save one of them. Then the kind jury member will save another one. Finally, the tough jury member eliminates one of the remaining two contestants at the end of the show.

Each episode, one contestant with the highest number of votes wins a weekly cash prize.