Bring'em Back

Singing Talent Show
12 contestants, 3 jury members
Weekly, Prime
“Bring’em Back” is a striking new singing competition that focuses on contestants’ sheer vocal talent.

With a never-before-seen 30 piece orchestra, and a grand theater with luxurious curtains, “Bring ‘Em Back” is the next in-demand talent show. Each contestant takes to the stage alone and has 90 seconds to sing a song before the curtains close dramatically on them. Now, the audience have just 20 seconds to cast their vote. If the majority of the audience like the singer, the curtains open and the contestant continues their song. If they are not chosen, the curtains reveal an empty stage. Two hard-hitting judges from the industry then weigh in with their comments and votes.The four best performances per episode are selected. The singer with the most votes moves into the semi-final, while the one with the least is eliminated.

Those in second and third place have another chance to prove themselves with a 30 second a cappella performance. Each round becomes harder and harder as the contestants have to face tough criticism and earn over 80% approval from the audience. Only the most brilliant will survive.