Campus Chef

Weekly, Prime Time
Being a student is not easy! Hard courses, countless exams and the money is never ever enough. The new generation cooking program Campus Chef brings tasty recipes to the screen and awards young chefs with a cash prize! Campus Chef’s three food trucks visit different college campuses every week; they are greeted by the members of cooking teams that will take part in the contest. Each team consists of two gastronomy students, and they will have to prove their cooking skills to win the 5000 dollars cash prize. A professional chef, who is also the host of the show, gives to the teams the task recipes. The teams will be preparing the same recipe, within the same limited time. The young chefs take their place at the food trucks to cook their meal in the best way. The team that gets the highest point from the jury of six will win the prize. It will not be an easy task to impress the jury though – 3 of the jury members are their fellow student friends who are very hungry and the other 3 are their professors. Campus Chef turns young chefs’ passion into cash!