Cash or Splash

Quiz Show
Weekly, Prime Time

“Cash or Splash” is an amusing quiz show packed with thrills and spills in which a team of three contestants tries to hang onto a million in cash, battling through three rounds of questions and crashing into water tanks when they get answers wrong. Survive the ordeal and they walk away with a fortune.

In the first round, the team responds to five questions with four possible answers corresponding to trapdoors above water tanks. Contestants must answer in 60 seconds, taking stacks of cash to their chosen trapdoor. As the incorrect-answer trapdoors open there is either celebration or shock as they crash into the water.

There is just one question and three possible answers in the second round. The team leader waits in isolation, neither hearing or seeing their teammates as they grab their cash and chose a trapdoor. The leader’s answer will decide whether they all sink or stay in the game.

Contestants in the final round are asked one question with two answers. The team chooses a trapdoor and the host stands on the other one. If the host gets soaked, the team takes away their winnings. Or will the host stay dry and the contestants get drenched and lose all their cash?