Cleaning Masters

Reality Competition
Daily, Daytime

Housework becomes a fun and fierce battle for a major prize in the show “Cleaning Masters”, where five contestants compete to clean the dirtiest of houses. They will be judged by each other and a celebrity host, who entertains audiences with his fun chat, encouragement and criticism for the competitors.

The five contestants are drawn from diverse backgrounds and only have in common the desire to be the “cleaning master”. After the rivals are introduced and are shown the house to be cleaned, each day a contestant will set to work to show their house-cleaning talent.

The fun really begins when the contestants gather to pass judgement on each other in interviews. The host will be on hand to encourage or advise the would-be cleaning masters. Viewers will also receive cleaning tips for their own housework and enjoy the lively interaction between the competitors.

The tension rises as each contestant scores their rivals on a scale of 1 to 5 after gathering in the cleaned house for an inspection. But it is the host who gives the potentially key score out of 10 on Friday. As the excitement grows, viewers wait to hear if their favorite has won the big prize.