Cleaning Masters

Reality Competition
Daily, Daytime

5 meticulous and sharp contestants who claim they “clean best” will compete supervised by the host, who is himself/herself a social media phenomenon. The contestants will each clean a dirty and messy house in one week. During the week, each contestant of the day will receive a score from each of the other contestants along with the host’s score that will be revealed on Fridays. The winner will be determined after all points are added and will win the big prize.

Cleaning Masters” is on air on weekdays at the daytime slot and offers female audiences a fun and exciting week. The program host in Turkey (Kadir Ezidi) has become the first name that pops to minds when it comes to cleaning due to his relevant social media posts and his comments on TV shows. Kadir has drawn people’s attention with his proficiency in cleaning, his words of wisdom that everybody had started to repeat and the cleaning tips he offers. This time as the host and moderator of the program, he’ll accompany the contestants while they are cleaning, entertain the contestants and the audience with his fun chat and at the same time he’ll inspect and criticize the contestants.

Among the contestants of the show can be a sweet old lady, a young man who claims he can clean better than women, a housewife who claims no one can clean better than her, a mother who does not pull any punches or a young fashion designer whom no one can presume does her own cleaning. Each week, 5 ambitious, intriguing, multi-cultural contestants who are assertive on cleaning will compete against one another. The contestants will all agree on only one thing and will say the same thing: “I clean the best; I am a cleaning master!”

Following the VTR’s that will introduce the contestants, on the first day of the week, the host and the contestants will get together. After a brief chat with each contestant, the host announces the first day’s contestant. The contestant will be pre-determined by a draw. The contestants and the host will take a tour of the house that will be cleaned. Then, the contestant of the day, accompanied by the host, will start preparing for cleaning. The other contestants will go to another room. The show’s course will be brightened with interviews with the contestants about their first impressions and their comments on the details of the cleaning done by the contestant of the day… The host will always accompany the contestant of the day during cleaning. From time to time he will help the contestant and at other times he will criticize the contestant if there is something he doesn’t like or approve. Throughout the show, both the host and the contestants will give important cleaning tips which will attract the attention of viewers. The contestants observing how the contestant of the day cleans the house, will share their comments with each other. These discussions will sometimes end up in disagreements. Occasionally, the host will go to other contestants and have a chat with them. Together they will discuss whether the contestant of the day is “as good as he/she claimed” or will she/he be able to complete cleaning “within the given time”.

Once the cleaning is completed, they will all visit the cleaned house. The contestants will share their comments with the contestant of the day. After visiting and checking all the rooms, they will get together in one room and will each give a score (1-5) to the contestant of the day. Since it will be an open scoring, each contestant will explain why they gave such scores. The contestant of the day will also question why the other contestants gave such scores. After the scoring by the contestants is completed, the host will give his own score to the contestant of the day. However, his/her score will only be revealed on Friday when all contestants have completed their round. The host’s score will be very important since it will be decisive. While contestants will give the contestant of the week a score between 1-5, the host will give the contestant of the day a score between 1-10. This may change the whole outcome since the host’s score will be added to other contestants’ scores. The contestant with the highest score will win the big prize.