Cooking Roulette

Cooking Show
Weekly, Prime Time
In this spectacular studio based cooking show, 12 contestants enter the arena and take their places around a circular moving conveyor belt. They are given pitch black glasses and must select first 5 cooking utensils and then 10 ingredients using only their sense of touch. The glasses come off and their selection is revealed. Before the cooking phase begins, the host asks each one if they’d like to use one of their 3 options:

  • Negotiate and trade several utensils/ingredients with the contestant on the left
  • Make one telephone call for help to a friend or family member
  • Ask for a right rotation of everyone

  • Each contestant can use 3 jokers during the season.

    Now the contestants have 45 minutes to create and cook a dish using only their chosen utensils and ingredients. When the time is up, the 3 chef jury is revealed in the center of the set. All the dishes are placed on the conveyor belt and rotated 3 times around them, so the jury has no idea which dish belongs to which contestant. The jury scores each dish from 1 to 12 according to their tastes. At the end of the 12th episode all the points are added up and the contestant with the most points wins the competition.