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Décor Monsters

Reality Lifestyle
5 contestants
Daily Strip, Access
Five women with very different tastes in home decorating compete every week to see who can be the home styling queen! Every week, there is a different design concept to work with and the women set out to renovate a section of their homes with new lighting, furnishings, décor, pictures, ornaments and style. They are given 10,000 Euros as their budget and just five hours to shop for their homes. It is a challenge to complete the makeover in time. The women have very different ideas about how to interpret the theme of the week. A professional interior designer is there to comment on their choices, inform the audience about actual trends in home decoration, and critique the contestants' decisions. At the end of each day, the other four women judge the outcome of the contestant's design marathon. At the end of the week, the interior designer also grades the contestants and awards points. The contestant with the highest points is given an additional 10,000 Euros as their prize.