Dangerously in Love

6 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Sons pay for the sins of their fathers’, That’s what Cihangir thought for years

Resorting to bank robbery to prove his father’s innocence, Cihangir finds romance with the policewoman Seliha assigned to catch him and together they discover they have the same enemy.

Gang leader Cihangir and policewoman Seliha are drawn into an impossible love affair when he commits a crime to prove his father’s innocence. Seliha is assigned to investigate the gang behind the robbery and the two rivals, who have fled romance all their lives, are destined to find romance.

When Cihangir is just 17 his father, an undercover policeman, is killed on assignment in eastern Turkey. He is devastated to hear his dad worked for a drugs mafia. Classmates call his father a traitor and Cihangir is expelled from school when he attacks one of the pupils scorning him.

Cihangir must shoulder family responsibility and becomes a florist to earn a living. His life is turned upside down again when he learns his father was the victim of a conspiracy and the truth that will clear his name is hidden in a bank safe deposit box. He must rob the bank to prove his father’s innocence.

The crime will bring him and Seliha together. Leaving home at 15, she has had a hard life. When she is assigned to investigate the robbery, she will move to Cihangir’s neighborhood. Unaware that he is the gang leader she is pursuing, she will get to know him as a florist.

Before that happens, Cihangir assembles a gang to rob the bank. His best friend Tatar is always getting himself in trouble, but is ready to give his life for Cihangir. The religiously devout baker Molla Yunus is the most reliable member of the team and moral guardian of the neighborhood.

Both Yunus and Aleko, a quiet Armenian guy, have their minds on romance.  Yunus wants the nightclub worker Emel out of the district, but actually loves her. Aleko, a computer wizard, is in love with Ye┼čim, the local tough girl. He will try to use his love of music to win her heart.

For all their bravado, this gang of friends is undertaking a bank robbery for the first time. Cihangir is determined that nobody should get hurt as he seeks to prove his father’s innocence. However, Tatar’s actions lead to two people being killed.

One of the victims, Ali, was engaged to Zeynep, Seliha’s best friend since high school. Seliha, a successful police officer, is determined to bring the perpetrators to justice. But she will be torn apart when she falls in love with Cihangir, before realizing he is the ringleader.

For his part, Cihangir is led to believe that Seliha is an antiques dealer. When they find out the truth, both are already in love. While their true identities look set to doom their relationship, they discover they have the same enemy. Both on the same side, they will find love and seek justice.