Dangerously in Love

Original Title
9 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Sons pay for the sins of their fathers.

Resorting to bank robbery to prove his father’s innocence, Cihangir finds romance in the policewoman Seliha assigned to catch him and together they discover they have the same enemy.

Gang leader Cihangir and policewoman Seliha are drawn into an impossible love affair when he commits a robbery to prove the innocence of his father, killed on police assignment and wrongly accused of mafia links. When Seliha is assigned to investigate the heist, the two are destined to find romance.

Left to look after his family torn by the heavy burden of their late dirty cop father, young Cihangir finds work as a florist. After growing up, he discovers his father was the victim of a conspiracy and he must steal a bank safe deposit box in order to clear his father’s name. Seliha will in turn have to catch the robber, tracking him down in his neighborhood.

Cihangir must assemble a gang to rob the bank. The gang is made up of his troublemaking best friend Tatar, the religiously devout baker Molla Yunus and the shy computer wizard Aleko. But they know nothing about bank robberies and their botched heist leaves two people dead.

One of the victims was the fiancé of Seliha’s best friend and she is put on the case. As she goes undercover, she will fall in love with Cihangir, the florist, before finding out he is the gang leader. When they find out the truth, both are already in love and about to discover they have the same enemy.