Original Title
Erkenci Kuş
Season 1 : 161 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Get a job, or get married!

A fun-loving daydreamer sets off on a tumultuous journey of romantic adventure, leaving behind her father’s grocery store to tame the wild heart of a world-famous photographer and teach them both about love.

To her family, she is a troublesome daydreamer. But Sanem, who wears her heart on her sleeve, is destined for a life of romantic fun. Growing up in Istanbul’s picturesque Kuzguncuk district, she weaves her own world with escapades that leave an unforgettable mark on those around her.

Sanem’s adventures begin modestly in her father Nihat’s grocery store. After two years studying poultry farming, she does not know what to do with her life. Each morning she rises at dawn to work at the shop, helping her ailing dad.

The hapless Zebercet, in love with Sanem, gives her all the motivation she needs to escape into the world outside. One day he seeks her hand in marriage. “Get a job, or get married!” her family teases her, as she ponders the nightmare of a life with him. She flees his advances and sets out to find work.

Sanem lives in the shadow of Leyla, her sensible, hard-working older sister who has a good job as an executive assistant at one of Turkey’s biggest advertising agencies. With her goal of becoming an executive, her head is filled with business plans. She lacks the easy charm and creativity of her younger sister.

It is at Leyla’s agency that Sanem launches into a tumultuous world of love and adventure. Fearing her father’s store will be seized by the authorities, she finds work at the agency. Here she meets the owner Aziz and his sons, Emre and Can, one of whom he wants to take over the business.

Unknown to them, Aziz is seriously ill. Adding to his woes is his former creative director, who is snatching his customers at a rival company. Aziz doesn’t feel comfortable leaving the agency to his younger son Emre, who lacks the skills to run a company.

Can, his eldest son, is different. The apple of his father’s eye, he is destined to light up Sanem’s life. With his creativity, charisma and self-confidence, he has what his father seeks for the company. For Can, a famous photographer, such a prospect holds little attraction.

Free-spirited Can loves the work he does, taking photos in remote parts of the world. He hates the lies and deception of Istanbul and the agency. His emotional side remains concealed until he succumbs to Sanem’s charm. But she is led to believe Can is the ‘bad guy’. She helps Emre, who loans her money to pay her father’s debts, unaware of his plots against his brother.

Ultimately, Sanem cannot help herself falling in love with Can. When their lives collide, she introduces Can to something he has never encountered – love. As romance blossoms, they embark upon adventures which transform their lives and those around them.