Original Title
Ölene Kadar
33 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

You want revenge and we want justice.

Wrongly found guilty of killing his fiancée’s father, Daghan embarks on a quest for justice with the beautiful lawyer who secures his release, seeking revenge on the man who framed him.

When he is wrongly found guilty of killing his fiancée Beril’s father, young doctor Daghan loses all hopes for the future. Salvation comes in the shape of a beautiful lawyer Selvi, who succeeds in proving his innocence. After 11 years in prison, he is released but faces many unanswered questions.

Determined to find those who framed him, Daghan is simmering with a sense of injustice and desire for revenge. Selvi will stand by him in his quest, though she too keeps a secret from him. As they begin to fall in love, she will enter into conflict with his former fiancée.

For all these years, Beril has believed her fiancé killed her father. Discovering his innocence, she will be torn between him and her devious husband, Ender. Unbeknownst to them, Ender is the one who murdered the father and won her hand in marriage after framing Daghan. Ender is gripped with panic now that Daghan is released.

With the help of his accomplice Yilmaz, Ender goes to war with his rival. He seeks to maintain the façade of a perfect life built on lies. Daghan uncovers Selvi’s secret and Ender takes drastic measures to protect himself. But Daghan is not ready to forgive and will seek revenge whatever the price.