33 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

You want revenge and we want justice

Wrongly found guilty of killing his fiancée’s father, Dağhan embarks on a quest for justice with the beautiful lawyer who secured his release, seeking revenge on the man who framed him.

Promising young doctor Dağhan loses the love of his life, his career and hopes for the future when he is wrongly found guilty of killing his fiancée Beril’s business tycoon father, who opposed their looming marriage. He is the victim of a cruel plot, sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Salvation takes the shape of the beautiful lawyer Selvi, who has found evidence nobody has noticed. The young attorney convinces Dağhan to reopen the case and succeeds in proving his innocence to the court. After 11 years of languishing in jail, the doctor emerges a free man but with many questions unanswered.

Simmering with a sense of injustice, fueled by feelings of love lost and desire for revenge, Dağhan must adjust to life in the outside world. He is determined to find those who framed him and make them pay for what they did. Selvi will stand by him in his battle, though she too has a secret that she must keep from him.

Dağhan leans on his lawyer for support and they become emotionally involved with each other, as he seeks to uncover the truth about the murder. With both involved in a struggle for justice, the romantic attachment between them will bring Selvi into conflict with his former fiancée.

For all these years, Beril has believed Dağhan was her father's killer. Now he has been found innocent her feelings are rekindled and she is torn between her husband and her first love. She will fight to win back the doctor, fuming at the sight of Selvi working her way into his heart.

The terrible truth about the murder emerges. Ender had fallen in love with Beril and killed her father, who knew his big secret. He then framed Dağhan and won the daughter’s hand in marriage. Now that he is released from jail, Ender is gripped with panic and will seek to thwart his search for truth.

With the help of his accomplice Yılmaz, Ender goes to war with Dağhan. Unaware of the secrets his right-hand man has been keeping from him, Ender seeks to maintain the façade of a perfect life which is built on lies. A battle unfolds between the two men as the doctor’s suspicions grow.

Dağhan still does not know his enemy. As he seeks out clues he will uncover the secret of Selvi, who herself faces an agonizing choice between love or family. The doctor is driven crazy as he discovers Selvi is being held against her will. With his rival closing in, Ender takes drastic steps to protect himself. But the doctor is not ready to forgive. He will seek revenge whatever the price.