Singing Show
Weekly, Prime Time

Fake” challenges three celebrities to find the great singer among lip-synchers in an entertaining contest for charity which gives viewers an amusing break from competitive singing contests, along with the added fun of a non-singing imposter.

“Fake” gives viewers an amusing break from competitive singing contests, focused purely on fun in a show with as much faking as great singing. Three celebrities, raising money for charity, battle to identify the singer amid the lip-synchers on each song before ultimately weeding out the non-singing imposter.

The contest begins with a video of the performers all singing a portion of the same song. Though only one is actually singing while the others lip-synch, they all put their heart and soul into the performance to deceive the viewers. Once the celebrities have made their guesses, the genuine singer performs live on stage.

There are seven such performances and celebrity guesses until there are just three singers left to choose from. The show’s format now goes in a different, inventive direction to further test the observation and listening skills of the three celebrities as they attempt to identify the fraud.

The three remaining contestants enter a glass booth, where each is heard singing separately, with their voices distorted to make the celebrities’ task harder. As a countdown begins, they only hear the real voices briefly before guessing, making for a tense finale before the light relief of hearing the faker’s awful actual voice.