Finish That Dish

Cooking Show
Daily, Access Prime Time

Finish That Dish” tests the ability of eight creative chefs in four teams to prepare special dishes without communicating with their teammates in an innovative contest which offers a unique recipe for fun and entertainment.

The innovative cooking contest “Finish That Dish” puts to the test the ability of eight chefs in four teams to understand how their teammates’ think without communication between them. They may complete the task masterfully or fail disastrously in this unique and entertaining culinary relay race.

In a battle requiring speed and planning, four cooks lay the groundwork for their dish, preparing as much as they can before the buzzer rings. Their partners, kept in isolation, have seen and heard nothing as they race to their stations to complete the meal. They must be quick-witted and imaginative to work out how to finish off this culinary delight.

The secret of success is how well the first chefs can guide their partners with pointers, setting up the ingredients and utensils that their teammate will need to complete the dish. It will then be up to the second chef to understand these signs correctly and put the finishing touches to the plate.

The winners must pass two elimination rounds, preparing appetizers and entrees, before the two final teams compete in the dessert round. The three judges will rate each plate based on taste, presentation and creativity in a contest where teams compete not just for glory but a grand prize of $10,000.