Fixing The Family

Factual Entertainment
60 Minutes
Home is often a mix of what works and doesn’t in a relationship, its renovation can be a real « shock therapy » for the couple! Financial stakes, personal preferences, forced collaboration…. Renovation is a real full-scale test of the strength of a couple, but it’s also a great occasion to get things straight, to help each other, to rediscover each other, to discuss...

FIXING THE FAMILY uses this genuine emotional catalyst and makes interior renovation as a way to re-dynamize the couple.

Each step of this original renovation will be a chance to express couple’s problems and an attempt to solve them in a symbolic and playful way.

This full home renovation will hopefully allow the couple to start a new chapter and rebuild together their future home or maybe confirm the end of their story…


One episode of 60 minutes of FIXING THE FAMILY is broken down in 12 key sequences:

1) CURRENT SITUATION : Concept & portraits
2) INTERVIEW of the couple by the host
3) THE GRAND SORTING (emptying everything)
4) SELLING OR DESTRUCTION of no longer desired goods and things
5) BACK TO BASICS « camping » at home like the beginning of the relationship
6) SWITCHING TO WHITE of the house and discovery by the couple
7) WALL OF IDEAS: editing on the wall ideas of renovation and negotiation supervised by a professional
8) SHOPPING for new items, thanks to the bonus of the sales and the production
10) THE WORKSHOP: 1 ad-hoc challenge linked to the specific problem of the couple of the episode
11) THE FINISHES by professionals and discovery of the house by the couple
12) FINAL DECISION: staying together in the new house or selling it and splitting up?


THE HOST: He/she is the one, who throughout the different phases of the home’s work, will be guiding the couple in the tailor-made reconstruction; helped in the backstage by a professional therapist.

INTERIOR DESIGNER: To help the host on the technical issues, the interior designers will be present to propose concrete solutions and inputs for each couple.

PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTOR: The contractor and his/her team will be there to finish up the work and wrap up all critical aspect of the renovation (plumbing, electricals…), adding up a surprising touch for the end.


During the finishing part, the couple will move into a nice hotel for 1 or 2 nights in order to be in the best conditions ever for the final decision.

Right before entering the house, the host welcomes them in a nearby coffee shop to talk about how this renovation has made them evolve, but most of all to get their impressions on their mindset before their arrival at home.

The couple enters their renovated house with blindfolds on their eyes.

Right here, the host will pose the ultimate question, if they wish to:

- Stay together in their new house?
- Or sell the brand-new renovated house and split the money and start their new lives apart?

Whatever their choice, the program ends on a positive note, as the couple will explain how the program « FIXING THE FAMILY » allowed them to grow and make the best decision for their live.