Forever Young

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“Forever Young” is a fun and inspiring dating show in which a protagonist and three suitors , all aged over 60, seek love through young avatars who resemble their youthful selves.

“Forever Young” is a fun and inspiring dating show in which a mature protagonist seeks love with the help of a younger version of themself. The protagonist and their suitors , all over the age of 60, are portrayed in person by love avatars, or “lovatars” in their early twenties who resemble them when they were young.
The show, set on an elegant old train, takes the participants back in time to fall in love again, communicating solely through their lovatars and only seeing their date after they have chosen. They  sit alone in separate carriages, speaking with their “lovatars” through ear pieces and watching on a monitor.

Each suitor carries a suitcase containing three objects to reveal aspects of their life and the protagonist sees photos of the suitors in their youth to help them choose. Then comes the tense deciding moment for the protagonist as the lovatars enter. The protagonist reveals their choice by sitting with their chosen date.

Finally their mature date enters in what is the moment of truth for this innovative format, an enlightening social experiment turning the idea of dating on its head. Through young avatars, older singles give voice to their young soul and reveal the inner vitality that age has not erased.