Friends Forever

Original Title
Arkadaşlar İyidir
30 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Life is what happens while we're making other plans

The lives of five teenagers are transformed when they start university, thrust into complex relationships and driven to confront past secrets that make them grow up quicker than they expected.

The lives of five teenagers are transformed when they start university in Istanbul, thrust into the complicated relationships, conflicts and passions that come with the transition to adulthood. As their grown-up identities take shape, secrets from their past will come to light, one way or another.

Despite their diverse backgrounds, Seda, Merve, Yunus and Eren become good friends in their first year at college. They become five when Seda, one of the most popular girls in university, meets her childhood friend from Izmir, Gizem, from whom she had drifted apart.

Gizem has struggled in her own life after her father’s tragic death in a car accident when she was in high school. She has never fully recovered from this trauma and moves to Istanbul with her mother. It remains unclear whether she runs into Seda by coincidence or whether she is trying to confront her past.

Seda believes her friendship with Gizem will resume from where they left off but she realizes Gizem is a vastly different person. She introduces Gizem to her friends, but soon regrets this decision as she sows discord among them. Seda will reveal that her parents are getting a divorce because of her father’s affair.

Merve is the only daughter of wealthy, divorced parents and was raised without love. She conceals her problematic relationship with her parents. Despite her positive, cheerful character she has never had a relationship and feels ugly compared to her one-time beauty queen mother.

The next member of their group is Yunus, who struggles as he is far from his family for the first time and in need of support from his friends. When his father falls ill he discovers that he was adopted when he was just a week old and goes in search of his biological mother and father.

Finally, there is Eren who was a famous child actor who starred in films and is well-liked at university. Pressure and violence from his authoritarian father led to him losing his confidence. He hides from his friends his acting past and keeps secret the year he spent in a detention center.

There is also Tarık, a melancholic, introverted teacher who keeps his distance from his students. However, he develops a special bond with Eren and they become like father and son after Eren rebelliously challenges him in class.

Romance between the friends also causes heartache. Gizem plots to win Eren’s heart though she knows Seda loves him. She drives a wedge between Seda and Merve and tries to push Seda together with Yunus who is keen on her. As the secrets emerge and their relationships become more complicated, the five friends will have to grow up quickly.