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Game of Silence

Original Title
Drama Series
Season 1: 32 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 24 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime time

Everyone deserves a second chance in this life

Driven by loyalty and revenge, four friends seek justice after their childhood was ruined 20 years ago and when of them is killed, they will do anything to erase the scars inflicted upon them.

Four men and their female friend Ahu search for answers to explain the mistake that cost them their childhood in Istanbul’s Kuyudibi district 20 years before. Bound like brothers, Ecevit, Bilal, İbrahim and Zeki are cast into a battle driven by love, friendship, loyalty and revenge that change their lives forever.

As children, they took an oath never to tell a soul what happened. But their anger at the enemy responsible for that fateful incident simmers below the surface for years to come. Keeping their word was never going to be easy after the boys took off in different directions, leaving Ahu behind in Kuyudibi. Shrugging of her tough origins as an orphan, she has made her life a success.

The only person to remain close to Ahu was Bilal, deeply in love with her since he was a young boy. After many years, Ahu finally returns his love and they become a couple, with her running a photography store. Of the others, Ecevit became a successful lawyer while Bilal and İbrahim stayed close to each other.

The past comes back with a vengeance one day for the last member of the group, Zeki. He had been working hard to save money and was about to propose to his landlord’s beautiful daughter. His dream was set to come true. If only his boss had not sent him to that address.

By terrible coincidence he sees a man in the back of a car and hears his voice. It was Özcan, their enemy who turned their lives into a living hell when they were children. Zeki cannot contain the rising anger within and he shoots him. That one moment of rage opens a Pandora’s box of troubles.

The remaining members of their group must now unite to rescue Zeki from his situation, doing whatever it takes to get him out of jail. For Bilal, grown from a sickly boy into a tough man, this means finishing what Zeki started and completing their revenge.

Sitting in police custody, Zeki dwells on the memories of 20 years ago, his mind burning with the fire of vengeance and rage. But his violent retribution rebounds to strike him as their enemies retaliate. Zeki is murdered and his friends know exactly who is behind the murder.

Ecevit has done all he could to erase the memories of childhood, but that single bullet which ended his friend’s life breaks down his resistance. İrfan had Zeki killed.

Without hesitation in his mind, Ecevit is ready to throw away his successful career to avenge his friends and himself. Their enemy Özcan must die. They are prepared to pay any price to erase the scars inflicted on their childhood.