Glam Squad

Reality Competition
Daily, Daytime

GLAM SQUAD is the new addictive daily strip reality competition where 4 teams of two beauty pros – a hair designer and a makeup artist, compete with each other. They are the GLAM SQUADS! Their statement is clear: they are the best in glamorizing their beautiful models, making the best hairstyle and applying the hottest make up. They are given a limited time to do their work, so they have to plan and execute carefully their ideas. Once the time is up, their work is judged and scored by their fellow competitors as well as the expert jury members. On the weekly finale day, the team with the lowest total score is eliminated and the team with the highest score wins the 2000 USD cash prize, proceeding to the next week. At the first day of the next week, a new duo takes their place in the competition, replacing the eliminated team.

Following the introductions of the glam squads, the host invites in the models that they will work with for the next 5 days. Each model is assigned to a team by draw.

The host then announces the “Hair and Makeup Concept” of the day. The concepts could be the application of a certain color, cut, freestyling trendy models or hair and makeup based on an occasion such as bridal hair. The time limit for the preparation stage is set according to the concept. (for example, 25 minutes for a daily make up vs 45 minutes for bridal makeup, or 3 hours for coloring hair vs 45 minutes for style and cut).

The goal of all 4 glam squads is to successfully complete the given task in accordance with the given concept for hair and makeup, within the given time.

The judges consist of a hair stylist, a makeup artist and an image consultant. They monitor the teams while they are on the job. They talk to each other and comment about the techniques, taste and creativity of the contestants. The hair designer and the make-up artist judges visit the booths of the contestants once and review the process up close.

In front of the mirrors placed at each beauty booth, models discuss with their stylists the look that will be applied to them but there is a rule: they can only do so for the first ten minutes, the mirrors are then moved away. The final result is supposed to be a surprise for the model!

When the time is up for the hair stylists, their teammate takes their place. The clock for the makeup artists starts ticking.

Evaluation and Scoring
The models whose hair and makeup are done are invited one by one to the studio by the host. When the first glam squad’s model takes the podium, the others evaluate the look directly addressing their comments to the first. They share their comments and critiques, and give their points. The team being judged doesn’t see the points that the others give to them.

Each team will score the other three on a scale of 1 to 5 and there is a strict rule: they have to use 1 and 5 once. In other words, they must give the lowest score (1) to one of the teams and the highest score (5) to another team. They can give 2,3 or 4 points (one of the three) as they see fit to the remaining team. Next is the judges’ scoring: all three judges evaluate the presentation of the first team and give their points, again on a scale of 1 to 5. Judge scores are visible to the contestants.

All the points are revealed on the weekly finale. Each team is then asked to explain and justify the points they have given to the others. The squad with the highest score throughout the week is invited to the stage to receive their 2000 USD cash prize. The team with the lowest score will bid farewell to the competition.