17 Oct 2019

SBS Contents Hub (SBSCH) of SBS Media group has picked 10 special titles for Global Agency to represent in Turkey. Global Agency will also be the distributor of Turkish remakes of these projects worldwide. HECE Medya (Turkey) shortlisted 10 strong titles out of the rich catalogue of SBS for Global Agency. They will handle negotiations with Turkish production companies to localize the projects together in Turkey.

The CEO of SBSCH Tiger Yeong-Seop Kim said that he is “really glad to work with Global Agency, the best distribution company not just in Turkey but also internationally.” He said he is also very excited about this partnership and was grateful to Global Agency for distributing Korean content globally.

The  CEO of Global Agency Izzet Pinto sais that SBS is one of the biggest entertainment brands in Asia and we are extremely proud to be their partner in this special collaboration.  We look forward to announcing the outcome of this cooperation soon.

The leading media group SBS, which was founded in 1990, serves a nationwide network as Korea’s only private terrestrial broadcaster. SBS has a wide portfolio including lots of hit projects. The series My Love From The Star is a worldwide phenomenon. The Heirs and Secret Garden are the best-known popular series in SBS’s catalogue. Aside from various series, SBS has a wide portfolio of shows, including Running Man, which is the best-selling format in Asia.

About SBS Contents Hub
SBS Contents Hub, established in 1999 is a  content distribution company in charge of SBS Media Group`s domestic and international content distribution businesses. SBSCH has expanded its business scope to include channel, production, and platform businesses through cooperation with local global businesses overseas.

In addition, SBSCH is developing into a "global cultural content company" by not only focusing on broadcast content, but also on expanding content to music, hands-on content, etc.

Through differentiated content capabilities and diversified distribution channels, SBS Media Group is becoming a recognized name in the global market. From the United States, Japan, and China, its influence has expanded to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Employing a wide variety of globally oriented strategies, SBS has ventured beyond content sales into format sales, joint production, and business partnerships in knowledge sharing and localization as a basis for maximizing revenue.