02 Feb 2015

Global Agency today announced that its hit daily makeover format “Shopping Monsters” has been sold to RTL in Croatia, Tring TV in Albania and second season for RTL Netherlands. The show’s second season has also been licensed by HotPot Media for Polsat Cafe in Poland.

In addition to these deals, Shopping Monsters’ third season is being already produced by Herve Hubert for M6 in France and the fifth season by Constantin Entertainment for VOX TV in Germany. It has also run in Bulgaria (TV 7), the Netherlands (RTL 5), Hungary (FEM3), Romania (Prima TV), Ukraine (K1), Russia (CTC) and Latvia (TV3). As well as this, the hit format has also been optioned to Greece, Canada and Australia. In Turkey, Kanal D has aired 700 episodes of the show.

'Shopping Monsters' is a stripped daily entertainment format in which five women each week compete to see who can get the best makeover in a limited amount of time, and on a fixed budget. Every day one contestant puts together her new style, and is then given a secret score by her four rivals. At the end of the week, the woman with the highest total score wins a cash prize.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said: “Shopping Monsters is one of the most popular and most talked about formats of Global Agency. There has been a high level of interest in the show and we’re pleased to announce these deals. We are expecting to see it on air in 10 territories during 2015”

Nataša Roksandić, Spokesperson and Head of Communications of RTL Croatia, commented: “This big international success is finally coming to the Croatian market. We hope that our viewers will enjoy it as much as it is enjoyed in other countries”.