09 Oct 2017

Global Agency is to present a huge cash prize of €10.000 to the winner of the game “In and Out”, one of the most important projects of its line up at MIPCOM.

In and Out is an application based game show which can be played by all MIPCOM participants during the first three days of the market. From Monday October 16th to Wednesday October 18th, between 9 am to 6 pm, the game area will place next to the entrance of Riviera Hall. The game provides a score at the end of each session and the contestant with the highest score of three days will be awarded €10.000.

The winning ceremony will be held at the game area on 18 October Wednesday at 18.00.

Izzet PINTO, CEO of Global Agency, said : “We are inviting all MIPCOM participants to our game area to play and to learn more about the format with also having a chance to win €10.000. I believe we will create a huge buzz with this publicity once again and we will attract a lot of interest to the format. It is the easiest and most fun game to earn money. This is why it is so easy to adapt in each territory, also very simple to play and earn. And the excitement never ends during the show which makes it so appealing.”

In and Out

In and Out is an exciting game show where your money prize can be increased or divided, or you can go bankrupt at any moment! The rules are really simple. The contestant is given 14 selections hidden in boxes. They start the game with 10.000 cash in their bank. Inside each of the boxes are money prizes, boosters and dividers, and one bankruptcy card that takes away all the cash the contestant has.The contestant follows the order of “In” and “Out” and must select a box for each. Once the box is opened, depending what is revealed, money is either added to their prize (In) or taken away (Out). There is no quitting: even if they fall onto bankruptcy card, they keep playing until the end. If they get to the end without choosing the bankruptcy card, they will win the amount they finish the game with.