17 Feb 2014

Global Agency has entered into a partnership with Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to represent their hit format “Who Is The Real Celebrity?”

Global Agency, one of the most successful international television distribution companies, and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), a leading Japanese TV and radio broadcaster, today announced that Global Agency will be representing the hit format, “Who Is The Real Celebrity.” This marks the first collaboration between the two companies.

“Who Is The Real Celebrity?” has been a smash hit for the past nine years on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, airing in prime time.

Farrell E. Meisel, Global Agency’s Director of Development, emphasized the importance of this cooperation and said : “We are pleased to partner with Japan's Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, a leader and pioneer in original production development, and our first with a Japanese broadcaster. ‘Who Is The Real Celebrity?' has enjoyed many years of prime time success there. We are confident our clients will be pleased as local formats are created.”

Shusaku Inoue, International Business Manager of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), said: “We are delighted to be working with Global Agency. ABC has been developing original programs for more than half a century and is excited that Global Agency is representing one of gems. This format “Who is the Real Celebrity” has continuously garnered the best ratings for a prime time slot in the highly competitive Japanese market. With the stellar reputation that Global Agency has achieved especially in the format industry, we have every confidence that this format will spread to many territories and become a very popular format in the global market under their care.”

Global Agency is planning to launch the show at MIPTV in Cannes, France.

 About “Who Is the Real Celebrity”
With multi-million dollar bank accounts and first class lifestyles, celebrities know a thing or two about extravagance. Some celebrities eat only the finest foods, or drink the most expensive champagnes, but in this game show, we put them to the test: can they really tell the difference, or are they relying on price tags to determine value?

Each episode 14 celebrities are challenged using only their 5 senses. And the challenges vary from taste testing, to being able to tell which dress is an exquisite 10,000 USD designer gown, and which is a 300 USD store brand.

The celebrities are ranked throughout the show, at the beginning all the celebrities are ranked A-list but as the challenge goes on, every wrong answer will affect their ranking. In this fun game show, a celebrity needs more than a big bank account to prove they’re refined!