25 Mar 2015

Global Agency today announced the first big success of its unique music reality format “The Remix” in Vietnam. After its launch on VTV3, The Remix became the most popular TV show in the country.

Greymatter Entertainment created the format that is produced by Cattiensa, one of the largest production companies in Vietnam. Ten episodes have been licensed. The Remix has generated the highest online buzz in Vietnam. It started 43,000 discussions with excitement, sentiment and engagement among viewers within just 2 weeks of its launch on all Vietnamese online channels (Facebook, Twitter, News, YouTube, Blogs, Forums etc…). The first episode of The Remix was viewed 5.500.000 times on YouTube. With these records, the show beat The Voice and The X Factor by a huge margin. The Remix has now been mentioned as one of the most successful TV shows of all times in Vietnam’s history.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said: “Vietnam is the first country which launched this peerless music show and we are immensely proud of the format’s persistent achievements in the country. This goes way beyond of our expectations and we are so happy to learn that social sharing of The Remix is far more than other shows in such short period. It has already attracted many new buyers and I am sure it will enter new markets. The Remix is a potential worldwide hit.”

 About The Remix

The Remix is a live music reality show where DJs and Singers pair up and compete over 15 weeks for a big money prize and the chance to cut their own album with a famous music label. 8 pairs are made of a famous singer and a DJ, with a supporting music producer. The DJ and Singer pairs have to work together to bring new flavor to existing tracks. The idea is to create better sound while retaining the groove and rhythm of the song, and they only have three days to prepare. They must then run it past the music producer who ensures it is of top quality ahead of the live performance. There are different themes to mix for every week, such as hip-hop, rock or ethnic music. In other weeks, the pairs' musical talent might be stretched by having to compose and remix their own original composition, or even a jam with their mentors! Every week brings a new challenge or surprise, and the teams will prepare two mixes for every live show.

The eliminations start on the second episode. The four celebrity judges are big names in the music business and their votes count for 50%. The public vote by SMS and their vote counts for 50%. The pairs must be versatile, talented, charismatic and the best performer in every episode will also be selected for a special prize.

The final 3 pairs will face off in a live concert event in a huge stadium before their mentors and celebrities, summing up their entire musical journey from sound to song. The entire nation votes for their favorite pair and the winners are launched into musical stardom!