07 Apr 2014

Global Agency, once again surprised MIPTV participants with flyer distributors and humorous costumes.

The company’s unique promotion was for its new game show format “Dating Pool” from the UK. The distributors wore funny t-shirts with pictures of bikinis and speedos that left big smiles on people‘s faces.

One of the participants at MIPTV, said: “I was really shocked when I saw half-naked girls and boys delivering flyers and I burst out laughing. They looked fantastic in their bikinis and flip flops! When I checked the flyer, the company name didn’t surprise me. It was again Global Agency, which is famous for their fabulous parties that are full of surprises, and also for their unpredictable amusing promotional activities. So this was no exception!”

“At Global Agency we say ‘We Provide Entertainment.’ We are really focusing on forming our marketing activities as unique, ingenious and humorous. Last year at MIPTV, it was a blast that we gave thousands of cash money to all the participants for promoting our format ‘Don’t Say It, Bring It.’ So, for our new hit format Dating Pool, we thought about what we could do and came up with this idea, which made people really entertained. We are very happy about the participants’ reactions.”said ─░zzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency.

About Dating Pool

Dating Pool is a new and exciting, studio based, dating game show, where contestants will need to use their brains, as well as their beauty, to give themselves the best possible chance of winning a dream date in a tropical location, and possibly finding the love of their life. In each episode, 10 girls, and 10 guys answer multiple choice questions while standing on individual droppable platforms, suspended above a water pool. Whichever team proves to be the cleverest after each question, gets to eliminate one of the other contestants, from the losing team. The contestant with the most votes cast against them, is dumped, into the freezing cold pool!