31 Jul 2014

Global Agency has picked up the international format rights to the new hit dating show, “Flirt or Fiasco” from Constantin Entertainment.

Under the deal, Global Agency will sell the format internationally, and thanks to its wide network of clients, it is expected the show will be produced in major territories around the world.

Developed and produced by Constantin Entertainment, the show first aired in Germany on VOX daily at 4 p.m. In May 2014, after high ratings, VOX commissioned a full season of 60 episodes for fall 2014. On the back of this success, Global Agency is now ready to spread “Flirt or Fiasco”.

“Flirt or Fiasco” is a dating show where contestants compete to find out who can plan the hottest date in town. Five single women from one city compete against each other for five days. Each woman is paired up with a single guy. This could be a perfect match, but only the first date will show if sparks actually fly between them. Each day, one bachelor introduces himself via a video clip to the single lady of the day. It’s now time to make plans, organize and get all dressed up. She is challenged with creating the perfect first date, with just 3 hours to plan and a budget of 300 Euros. What will she choose? Will she invest in a bottle of champagne, or will she spend all of the money on her outfit, hair and make-up? After all five women have gone on their respective dates, the decision is made: Who will get to wear the dating crown and take home the 1,000 Euros in prize money? All that remains for the losers is the hope to find true love.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency said, “We are thrilled to have acquired worldwide rights to this format. “Flirt or Fiasco” is an entertaining, visual and funny new dating show in which first impressions really do count in it. As Global Agency, we really believe that “Flirt or Fiasco” will thrive around the world and will be loved by audiences. We’re delighted to be in business with Constantin Entertainment once again and very much look forward to taking their format to the market internationally.

Christoph von Issendorff, SVP of Constantin Entertainment, said, “We are proud to have developed another successful format for the German market and are excited about the international interest. For years, Global Agency has been known for its creative formats and strong international distribution. We’ve been following this unique success story from the beginning and have undoubtedly found the best partner for the distribution of “Flirt or Fiasco”.