11 Oct 2019

The new deals mark another milestone in the global expansion of the hit drama, which has already been acquired in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Montenegro, Croatia, North Macedonia, Iraq and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  
Gulperi adds success to networks in the countries where it has been broadcasted. The series has in particular made a powerful impression in Kazakhstan, where it has become a national phenomenon. Having had great success with the audience in Kazakhstan since first airing in May, it has multiplied the channel’s ratings by four.  
Similarly, in Georgia, Gulperi has multiplied the channel’s ratings by eight, achieving an audience share of 30%.
Gulperi has also enjoyed great success on Iraq’s Kurdmax channel and it is among the top 20 programs in Northern Iraq.
The hit series has also been nominated in the category of Best Series Drama at the Seoul International Awards in South Korea.   
The producer of the drama is TIMS & B Productions which has produced hit series that have been aired in many countries across the world as one of the leading production houses in Turkey. This latest series, with its record ratings, was produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar and stars Nurgül Yeşilçay and Timuçin Esen. A particular highlight is Nurgül Yesilcay, a leading actress who enjoys international popularity and who is also well-known for her stunning performances in Broken Pieces, Love and Punishment and Magnificent Century Kosem.  
Gulperi’s story is similar to those of many women who live in this region. It is the story of a woman who has been treated unjustly all her life just because she is a woman. Gulperi struggles to fulfill her dreams in the face of a tyrannical family determined to control her every step, battling alone to win the hearts of her children turned against her, and carve out the loving life she craves.
Izzet PINTO, Founder & CEO of Global Agency, said: “We are delighted to announce these new deals for Gulperi. We have fully believed in its potential from the day when we first launched it. There are ongoing negotiations for the drama in several territories and we are looking forward to seeing Gulperi added to the international programming of many more channels across the world. It is very important for us to see that the demand for Turkish drama is still increasing. As Global Agency, we have sold more than 90 Turkish TV series in the last 10 years and, as of today, we export our TV series to more than 100 countries. Turkish TV series have achieved great success, reaching an export figure of over $300 million per year.”  
About Gulperi:
In a world dominated by men, Gulperi’s father forces her to surrender her dreams of education and first love, Kadir. Hopes of salvation come with her suitor, Eyup, and they flee to his family home. There too, she will face hostility, as they build a life together with their three children.  
Tragedy strikes when Eyup dies on a trip to Syria. Forced to live in his family’s home, Gulperi stands alone against her in-laws, who try to turn her children against her. An attempt by Eyup’s brother to rape her ends with her wounding him badly. Gulperi is sentenced to prison.
Upon her release, forced to abandon her children, she flees to Istanbul, where rekindling her friendship with Kadir, a successful lawyer, helps her win custody of the children. Gulperi must still win back their love, but for her father-in-law Yakup the battle continues, as he schemes to lure the children back.  
It will be Kadir again who comes to the rescue, forcing Yakup to let them go. Gulperi will face a new challenge, as she finds her love for Kadir reignited. With that love threatening her dream of family bliss, and Yakup still plotting to win back his grandchildren, Gulperi’s struggles are far from over.