Golden Horde

Period Drama
16 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Channel One
1263 is the year when Alexander Nevsky died. This is an epoch of the reign of Berke Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson, and the time of the golden age of the Golden Horde.

Yaroslav, the grand prince of Kievan Russia, is dreaming of the unification of separated principalities, but his blood brother Boris and eldest son Vladimir turn against him. Mengu- Temir, the Khan’s envoy, is about to bring some forty thousand Russians to the Horde... But all these political manoeuvres are nothing more than an ornament for smartly and brilliantly designed love stories: the Khan’s envoy is has an eye for Boris’s wife, Ustinia; the appearance of Nargeez, a young charmer, has nearly broken the marriage of Yaroslav and Radmila; and the relationship between old Berke and 16-year-old Aizhan is suddenly threatened by a spoiled, icon-painter Nikolka...