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She is only a mother with her children by her side

A woman struggles to fulfill her dreams in the face of a tyrannical family determined to control her every step, battling alone to win the hearts of children turned against her and carve out the loving life she craves.

Gülperi is forced to surrender the dreams she cherishes, as she grows up in a world dominated by men. Her father prevents her attending the school she wants. He frustrates her ambition to become a teacher; he forces her to give up her first love, Kadir. It is the cruel plight of many women in traditional societies.

Hope of salvation comes in the shape of Eyüp, who falls in love with Gülperi during his military service in Izmir. She flees with Eyüp to his family home in Taşkınhan. But there she faces the hostility of his parents and sister Kader, who is consumed by jealousy for her beautiful sister-in-law.

Gülperi’s disillusionment with her new life is soothed by her three children. Her husband resists family pressure and they find contentment in a new home. But fate conspires against her. Eyüp dies on a business trip to Syria, engulfing the family in a tragedy.

Forced to return to Eyüp’s family home, Gülperi’s now stands alone against her in-laws. Eyüp’s brother has long coveted his sister-in-law and forces himself upon her with an attempted rape. In her struggle to fight him off, she wounds him and ends up in prison.

Her parents-in-law Yakup and Fatma brainwash the children while she is locked up, blaming her for the rape and their father’s death. Upon her release, they arrange for her to be attacked at the bus station. She must abandon her children and flee to Istanbul.

Gülperi struggles to make a living in the city to win back her children. Hope is rekindled when she rediscovers her first love, Kadir. Now a successful lawyer, he vows to reunite her with her offspring and succeeds in winning back custody of the children.

More difficult will be winning back the affection of her children. Their new impoverished life in Istanbul only makes her task harder. For her father-in-law Yakup, the battle is not over. He promises to marry off his nephew Ali to Bedriye and helps him kidnap her in front of her mother in Istanbul.

Gülperi has no choice but to return Taşkınhan with her other children to save her daughter. It is Kadir who comes to the rescue when he learns that Yakup knew Eyüp’s death in Syria had not been an accident. The revelation forces Kadir to give up his plans. Gülperi and her children to leave and return to Istanbul.

She has won a victory for her family but faces a new challenge. Gülperi is torn in different directions as she finds her love for the handsome lawyer reignited. With that love threatening her hopes of happiness with her children and Yakup still plotting to win back his grandchildren, Gülperi’s battles are far from over.