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Happily Ever After

Original Title
İyi Günde Kötü Günde
19x1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Unlucky Zeynep rebuilds her life as a wedding planner after Deniz abandons her at their nuptials, but the emotional turmoil floods back when she must organize Deniz’s wedding to his new girlfriend.

When Zeynep falls in love with Deniz, she sets her sights on a dream wedding. But the snobbery of her boyfriend’s wealthy family shatters her vision of marital bliss. The groom’s family conspire to sabotage the wedding and the bride is left waiting in vain at the wedding table.

Five years on, Zeynep has become a wedding planner, focused on making other couples’ dreams come true after hers was cruelly dashed. She has rebuilt her life and, for all the anguish she has suffered, she can at least channel her energy into bringing happiness to others.

Meanwhile, Deniz had moved to America and become a successful hotelier and is to return to Istanbul to marry his new girlfriend. In a cruel twist of fate, Zeynep will be asked to organize the magnificent wedding of the man she once loved to another woman. She must now relive all the past emotional turmoil.

The former couple are overwhelmed by conflicting feelings of anger, jealousy and regret. They also struggle to accept that their flame of romance still burns. When Deniz again starts to get cold feet about his wedding, the scene is set for an emotional rollercoaster that will leave them and those around them in turmoil.