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Original Title
Kalp Atışı
Medical Drama
74x1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

As awful as the world is, there are always those who prove the good will win

Romance between neurosurgeon Eylül and her schooldays crush Ali Asaf is rekindled when they find work at the same hospital, and she seeks the truth about her grandmother’s suspicious death there years ago.

Eylül is a successful neurosurgeon who has overcome major hurdles to get where she is. Her school teacher Ali Asaf, her inspiration and first love, bursts back into her life when they start working at the same hospital. As the romance is rekindled, Eylül will seek the truth about a tragedy from her past.

Twelve years earlier, her life was devastated when her mother committed suicide. Rebelling against her father and mean stepmother, she changed schools several times until her dad washed his hands of her. He sent her to live with her grandmother, who ran a small guest house in Marmaris.

When she meets her teacher Ali Asaf in the southern resort she decides to turn her life around. While they nurse a secret crush on each other, Eylül’s future is shaped by friendships, enmities and one more life-changing event. During a hospital operation, her grandmother dies, undermining her new-found optimism.

While Ali Asaf inspires Eylül to become a doctor, he also secretly falls in love with her and is wrongfully fired from the school due to a misunderstanding. Fleeing to the United States, he resumes his career as a doctor. Twelve years later, he returns to work at the hospital owned by his father.

When they meet again, Eylül’s feelings for Ali Asaf come flooding back. But she refuses to forget the reason she chose to work in this particular hospital. This is where her grandmother died during simple surgery. She had vowed to find those responsible and make sure they get punished.

Eylül’s impressive and bold interventions win her the admiration of her hospital colleagues. She bravely stands up to rude patients, who talk down to her as a woman and demand a male doctor. Her brilliance impresses not just Ali Asaf, but also the rival doctors Oğuz and Selim.

Her troubles now multiply and she must contend with growing resentment. Oğuz and Selim are jealous of the intimacy between her and Ali Asaf. More troublesome is Eylül’s former school colleague, Bahar, who has hated her since childhood and is now a surgeon herself, still competing with her.

Making the enmity between the two women more dangerous, Bahar has also loved Ali Asaf since their school days. Surrounded by such hostile forces, Eylül badly needs the support of Ali Asaf in her quest to find out the truth about Sinan, who carried out the fatal operation on her grandmother.

Eylül obtains the reports about her grandmother’s operation, but she will have to contend with Sinan’s dirty tricks and overcome considerable danger. As hospital life becomes increasingly complex, Eylül will unveil its dark secrets. She will need Ali Asaf’s support every step of the way.