Trailer (Reality Show)


Weekly, Prime Time
She has inherited a big fortune following her husbands’ death and since then has been living an eccentric life, surrounded by her staff and entourage.

She likes old values: respect for the elders, hard work, family, mutual aid (but not with everyone). She is very straight forward and doesn’t let anyone disrespect her. She always keeps her word and hates betrayal and lies. In her life, it’s always been « all or nothing » and she likes or she hates with nothing in between.

Each episode represents 2 days in the widow’s manor. On the first day of each episode, the contestants will all participate to an activity with the lady, so that she can get a better idea of who they are and how they behave. At the end of each episode, she will get rid of 1 contestant during the elimination ceremony (she will give a gold coin bearing her image to those she decides to keep). The eliminated contestant will have to leave the adventure immediately. In the last episode, again during a special ceremony, the rich widow will announce her final choice to the 2 remaining contestants.