04 Apr 2016

“The Legend,” Global Agency’s new singing talent format, made its world premiere with a screening at MIPTV 2016 in Cannes. Created by Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, the format had its official debut at the screening during MIPFORMATS on April 03, 2016.

After the screening, the Global Agency stand became a hub of interest for “The Legend.” France, Turkey, China, India, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are some of the first countries that want to ink a deal for the new hit format.

On most TV talent shows, it's the jury that decides whether a contestant continues, and it's the audience that can change their fate. But THE LEGEND gives the power to the contestants, so that they can write their own destiny. This format takes the best of the best, and gives them a chance to showcase their musical talent and their character. They have up to three chances to prove to the audience and the jury that they have what it takes to be a music icon. Only the top two rated contestants in each episode will carry on to the semi-finals, with one ultimate winner at the end of 16 weeks.

Izzet Pinto, creator of the format and CEO of the Global Agency said: “One of the main reasons that I feel so confident about ‘The Legend’ is that I presented it to many famous format creators and all of them were left in awe from the very beginning. They believe this is the next big show everyone has been waiting for. I heard the same thing and saw the same reaction from many different people, including respected creators, so I have come to believe in it even more. In all the talent shows up to now, we have seen either the audience or the jury deciding on the contestants’ fate. But in this format, we let the contestants themselves decide their fate. The contestants will decide to challenge themselves or not. We have an audience and we have a jury, but the decision makers for elimination are the contestants themselves. The show already had interest from broadcasters and production companies in Germany and Spain before its launch. The World Premiere of THE LEGEND at MIPFORMATS showed us how right we are to believe in our format. Many significant buyers including France, Turkey, China, India, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia wanted to learn about it in depth after the session. We are looking forward to having the show on air in at least 7 to 8 countries during the next 12 months and 22- 25 by the second year. I think our format will be a huge hit because during the last 5 years, everyone has been waiting for the next big talent show”.